Dental Department

The veterinary industry as a whole has unfortunately paid far too little attention to pet's oral health. Your pet's oral care is critical to its overall health and animals don't display pain like humans. Getting your pet's teeth cleaned and xrayed annually is highly recommended and will help avoid periodontal disease and tooth decay in the future. Just like humans, your pet should have this done regularly.

Angel Animal Hospital sets ourselves apart from other general practices' by offering a level of service far exceeding others. We spend much of our time focusing on dental care since we understand how important it is. Our staff has undergone years of continuing education (including some post doctorate training), has anesthesia trained technicians that monitor your pet 100% of the time at the doctor's side and all of our doctors take dental health very seriously. The doctors regularly go to trainings outside the office to stay up to speed on the latest techniques and procedures, are continuously studying online materials and are genuinely passionate about helping pets with their oral care needs. Our state of the art, dedicated dental suite offers the latest technologies to keep you pet safe, including a brand new ventilator system to help your pet respirate appropriately and digital dental xray which captures before and after images to be shared with the clients.

Here are some ways that we set ourselves apart:

  1. We require pre-anesthetic bloodwork to make sure we're offering the safest experience possible and to ensure that there are no underlying issues prior to the procedure.
  2. Alongside our doctors, we have specially trained, surgery technicians taking care of your pet from check-in to discharge and are available via text for updates throughout. Years of training and experience cannot be easily replicated.
  3. We perform pre and post procedure digital dental xrays so we can show the owners more than the naked eye. Often, we're able to catch and treat problems before them become major complications.
  4. We have a special ventilator system to ensure the pets respirate properly during their procedures. We also have a dedicated dental suite with the most advanced equipment available. We encourage you to ask for a tour so we can show you in person.
  5. We're not a mass production facility that rushes through procedures. We typically only perform 3 procedures a day since they are often very intricate. This helps assure your pet will be safe and the procedure will be done right.