Cats Only

WE LOVE CATS AS MUCH (even more sometimes) AS DOGS!

At Angel Animal Hospital & Boarding, we've always believed in cats. We love the way they have special bonds with people and the intricacies of those human-feline relationships. Each one is so different and awesome in their own way. They are truly amazing creatures and if someone doesn't think so, we'd bet they haven't spent much real time around them (in our humble opinion).

Everyone knows that cats really don't like going to the vet....they really don't like going anywhere for that matter. We've always wanted to develop a way to make the feline visits less stressful and more relaxing for these special animals. They have heightened senses when stressed and this can compound into unpleasant visits for the pet and the owner.

Below are pictures and descriptions of the various things we've done to challenge the norm in feline veterinary experiences. We've had amazing success with these and hope to share that success with you and your buddy.

Special Initiatives to Improve Feline Visits

by Angel Animal Hospital & Boarding

1 - Dedicated cat exam rooms that dirty dogs never set foot in. This makes our cat friends feel safe and exclusive.

2 - Dedicated cat waiting area in the lobby so our kitty friends don't have to look at monsters.  This creates a more calming environment. Its to the left of the coffee station when you come in!

3 - Catnip, low lighting, and soothing music can be found in each exam room and is so effective when persuading our kitty friends that it's time for a nail trim or exam.

4 - Option to check out in the exam room so the patient can relax in the exam room in peace.

5 - Feliway synthetic feline facial pheromone diffusers in cat exam rooms to help make them feel at home.  These things are amazing and the cats are so calm around them. The staff members also apply pheromone to their clothes for added kitty appeal.

6 - Exclusive custom built cedar and glass cat condos make for a comfy, safe stay. These condos have glass on two sides and a full window to watch birds and other activities outside.  Two can also be combined to create one large suite. Just ask for a tour and we'll show you around!